About us  

Servo Dynamics is a Singapore company providing integrated motion control and industrial computing solutions to the: Logistics.

As a Third-Party Logistics Supplier we shall High-light some of the Challenges faced with regards to delivering Innovative Solutions to the Logistic Industry.

And whether the logistics technology is delivering satisfactory business results to your firm.

Yesterday's logistics standard bearers had the courage, work ethic, and commitment to make hard choices. Their past logistics success and efforts have a ripple effect to this day.

But, a long tradition of logistics excellence, and a heritage of time-tested business practices, is not enough to ensure continuing success. True innovators don't rest on yesterday's laurels. They continue to create tomorrow's traditions today.

As a Third-Party Logistics Supplier we take the bottom-up approach towards driving innovations and we share a collaborative relationship with our customers.


"We have cooperative business meetings and strategic planning sessions on our customer visits.’
"We meet monthly with some customers to talk about our goals and objectives from the standpoint of performance, product development, and strategy."